Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok - so I admit I'm awful at this blogging thing. But it was brought up again at today's staff meeting so I figured I might as well try it again. (it's just that twitter is so much easier/quicker)

Anyway - the other day i was driving home from work and saw this next to me:

it's not just me, right? this child is FAR too young to be riding on the back of this motorcycle. he can't even wrap his arms around what i'm assuming is his dad. this is ridiculous. so much so that i was on the phone with my mom, told her to hold on, and took a picture of this ridiculousness with my phone (just got an iphone!)

we won't mention the fact that i think motorcycles are crazy dangerous for ADULTS let alone 5 year olds. i'm hoping that the mother of that child sees the craziness of that father so at least there's some home for him.

Side note: since I believe everyone's stopped reading this anyway, i think i'll be updating much more frequently. I recognize that i don't really have a "theme" but too bad. I like to update about what's going on in my life. the end. =)