Wednesday, September 23, 2009

why do trainers cost so much?

You know, some gyms even provide trainers for FREE. I mean, their memberships probably cost much more than the $30 per month I pay, but still. I was lucky enough to get a personal trainer package for $249 for 10 sessions. Which, if you know anything about personal training, is an INCREDIBLE deal. So naturally, I was very pleased with this and took him up on it. Now originally, I was training with this one guy, we'll call him J. I went through 3 of my 10 sessions with him before he texted me one night and cancelled for the next morning's session. This happened for 3 mornings in a row, until he finally told me that he had been let go by the gym. Ok, no big deal. Whatever I just kept training on my own even though I still had 7 sessions left. Then one morning while I was working out by myself, a different trainer, we'll call him A, asked me if I was interested in personal training blah blah spiel spiel. I told him how I still had 7 sessions left (probably much to his dismay since I wasn't actually going to be making him any money) and from then on we decided to train together. Fast forward to this past Tuesday morning, which just so happened to be the last of my 10 sessions. Naturally, A tried to convince me to purchase another package. Now, being the normal 23-year-old that I am, I’m not afraid to say that I’m pretty broke. I make good money but I also spend good money. I’m not afraid to buy a new dress, a new book, or a couple (many) beers on the weekends (or during the week for that matter). That being said, I was thinking about possibly spending another $250 on a 10-session package. I told him that I could probably swing $250 for another and then A goes, “oh…uh…that’s only the price for introductory packages. Your new package would cost…” and he holds out his phone, where he had typed the new price (probably because he would have had a HEART ATTACK if he had to actually say this dollar amount). I sit up and check out his phone: $1104!!!!!!!!!!!

…uh, are you kidding???! I obviously went on and told him that I can’t even fathom affording that. A, being the douche bag he is, went on to say “well you don’t have the money but you sure do have the weight to lose (really, you think?). Maybe you should consider getting a second job.”

Ummmm...maybe you should get a second job because hey guess what? I’m not getting a second job to support your life. Also – when exactly would I get a second job? Like I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of fun weekends so I’m obvi not getting rid of that. He suggested a “night job.” I’m still not sure if he was implying I become a prostitute or what, but I told him if I got a “night job” there would be no need for a personal trainer because hey, guess what? I wouldn’t HAVE TIME TO EAT so I’d naturally lose weight from becoming an anorexic.

Thanks asshole.

Friday, August 14, 2009

UPS probably thinks I'm crazy. I don't care.

So Adrian forwarded me the tracking number for my camera the other night. obviously, i've been a freak about tracking it since. all day at work on wednesday i was checking the tracking number online. it said "third delivery attempt failed because recipient was not present for signature." obviously i saw this and was disappointed. i figured i would just sign something and be able to get it on thursday. but - since i am the luckiest person alive - on my way home from work i was literally around the corner from my apartment I see a giant UPS truck stopped at someone else's house. I debated stopping but passed by and pulled into my driveway. I sat there for a second and thought - why not? I pulled out of my driveway and pulled over right next to the UPS truck. I explained the situation: i was waiting for a delivery, not there to sign, i live around the corner. the driver asked me what my name and address was and where the package was coming from. I told him and signed for my camera and there you have it. i really am the luckiest person ever.

I'm in love with the camera but have yet to use it for anything besides self-portraits. I'm headed to AC tonight with Cristin and Colleen so i will definitely be testing it out there. ALSO - it's supposed to be VERY nice this weekend (aka i will be spending A LOT of time by a beach/pool) and will also use the camera then.


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Liz!

23 years ago on this day, one of my best friends in the world was born. I just want to say happy birthday to one of the best people I know, Lizabeth Kimmie Walther. Being friends with you has done many things for me. I’ve learned to laugh at any and every situation, I’ve learned that sometimes having thick skin is good for you, I’ve learned that spending a spontaneous Valentine’s Day with your best friend in NYC can beat out a romantic Valentine’s Day with a boyfriend (most of the time), I’ve learned that boys will come and go but best friends are there forever, I’ve learned that even though most other people in the world think it’s a bit strange, I find it oddly awesome that my best friend is living with my parents, in my old bedroom, even though I live two hours away. While I’m sitting at work, you’re spending a lovely (well-deserved) day on the beach.
I’m more than jealous and wish you the best birthday ever! Love you.

Monday, August 10, 2009

luckiest ever.

so i've said many times before that i am one of the luckiest people i know. today is a testament to that.

so you may have read how my camera stopped working this past weekend. as i said, it was a sad, sad day. last night, i updated my facebook status to say: "mourning the death of my camera. who wants to contribute to my next one? i'd love you forever." clearing being my sarcastic self and trying to have some humor in this sad situation.

on a sidenote: i am 23 years old have been friends with adrian for 23 years. we grew up as next door neighbors and were pretty much inseparable since then. a few years back she moved to omaha nebraska and obviously we haven't gotten to see each other nearly as much as we wanted. we rely heavily on facebook and texting to stay as close as we have.

so anyway. last night adrian commented on my facebook status and asked what kind of camera i had and if i was looking at getting a new one. i told her pretty everything that i wrote in my earlier post, and that was that. she said she had something to send me, that might help me make a decision. i assumed it was a book or something like that. then today i get a text from her telling me "DO NOT BUY A CAMERA i bought one for you!"

....are you joking? i was at work, sat there in shock, and didn't know what to write. so obviously my first response was, "are you out of your mind????!" she admitted that while she might be, she did indeed buy me the exact camera i wanted (the yellow/green olympus styulus tough 6000) and it will be arriving at my apartment this thursday or friday. after fighting back and forth with her about whether or not i would accept this gift, i think it's safe to say that i lost that battle.

SO. this leads me back to my belief that i am the luckiest person i know. and i'm not just talking about my great luck in getting this camera as a gift. i'm talking about the people i've chosen to surround myself with. this is really a testament to them and how great they are.

i asked adrian if there was something she wants as much as i wanted that camera, because i clearly owe her. her response struck me, and i think it's something everyone can/should learn from. she said, "i don't want anything. i am more than happy with the things that i have. that's why i wanted you to have something! my life is simple and happy =)" i think everyone should live their life so that this is true.

thank you adrian! you are simply amazing. i owe you big time. i am already scheming for many christmas and birthday presents to come. thank you for being the constant definition of a best friend in all of my 23 years.

RIP Olympia

anyone who remotely knows me knows that im obsessed with pictures. all aspects, really. taking them, being in them, posting them, everything.

so clearly it was a sad sad day when i realized that my amazing little yellow/green Olympus SW 790 is no longer working. i've had it since Christmas 2007 and i love it. it's waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof and has definitely been put to the test. i brought it snorkeling with me in the bahamas and boogie boarding with me in the dominican republic. it's been dunked in plenty of pitchers of beer and used as a toy to occupy a 4 and 6 year old in a pool on many occasions. it will be missed. RIP.

here's the new dilemma in my life. albeit a small dilemma in the grand scheme of things, i still consider it one.

I need a new camera. This is not an option. I do not function well without one. Not to mention that i have 5 straight upcoming weekends with events i know i will want to photograph (14th - AC, 21st-24th - OCMD, 28th - friends bday party, 29th - Kayleigh's Annual Summer Party, 5th - Dane Cook in AC).

Here is what i do have options on: do i get a cheaper camera (not waterproof) just to have one and save up for the one i really want. OR do i just splurge and get the one i really want (which costs around $250)? the thing is - remember those bills i was complaining about in my last post? they're still there. but to me a camera fall under the necessities category. i could always charge it and pay it off slowly but surely. (clearly this is what i'm leaning towards).

The new one would be an Olympus Stylus Tough 6000 which is basically just a new and improved version of my beloved camera. It's waterproof, shockproof and freezeproof but is 10.1 megapixels (instead of 7), has a much larger screen, much better zoom, etc. it's awesome. and it still comes in the color that i love oh so much.

i just don't see the point in spending money to fix the old one or buy a cheaper, non-waterproof when i could just put that money towards this baby. also - at this point i'm so used to have a more rugged, waterproof camera that i think going back would be a mistake on my end and wind up costing more anyway. not to mention that my friends have come accustomed to playing the "lets dunk shanas camera in beer and pretend we hate her to scare/amuse other people" game and i fear that they might continue that game without realizing my new camera isnt waterproof.

i know this is a lot of rambling just about a camera but i'm just trying to weigh my options. any thoughts/suggestions?

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

i am not a grown up.

i'm in denial that i have grown up.

there. i said it. everything is pointing to me still being a kid. all i want to do is hang out. take naps. drink beers. have fun. (okay so maybe kids don't drinks beers but i'm not willing to give that up).

unfortunately, my rent, cable, gas, electric, student loanS (yes, plural) and all the other bills are saying otherwise.

by the time i get home from work most nights, all i want to do is eat dinner, relax and get to bed. therefore, ive been trying to have as much fun as possible on the weekends. it's a vicious cycle really. because this lack of sleep on the weekends just escalates during the work week. but in the words of my dad, "it all comes with the territory. you're not a kid anymore."

on a different note - my dad has been unemployed for quite a few months now. last time i was home i helped him update his resume and today he asked me to apply to a job at Fedex for him. ever since he was laid off (stupid economy) he's been in denial and hasnt wanted to get back to work. says he doesn't want to grow up. in a way, its been great for him to be around while my mom got her surgeries (knee and back). but i think he's realizing that it's time for him to step up and get a job again. today he said something that made me tear up. He said, "i realized i want to be just like you when i grow up."

now that i think about it...if it makes my parents proud then maybe i DON'T mind being a grown up.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Ok - so I admit I'm awful at this blogging thing. But it was brought up again at today's staff meeting so I figured I might as well try it again. (it's just that twitter is so much easier/quicker)

Anyway - the other day i was driving home from work and saw this next to me:

it's not just me, right? this child is FAR too young to be riding on the back of this motorcycle. he can't even wrap his arms around what i'm assuming is his dad. this is ridiculous. so much so that i was on the phone with my mom, told her to hold on, and took a picture of this ridiculousness with my phone (just got an iphone!)

we won't mention the fact that i think motorcycles are crazy dangerous for ADULTS let alone 5 year olds. i'm hoping that the mother of that child sees the craziness of that father so at least there's some home for him.

Side note: since I believe everyone's stopped reading this anyway, i think i'll be updating much more frequently. I recognize that i don't really have a "theme" but too bad. I like to update about what's going on in my life. the end. =)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Been a long time...

...shouldn't have left you. (without a dope beat to step to..step to,step to...) ok that's enough. but i haven't posted since March 2nd. I guess I've been pretty busy since then.

Here's a quick update on the major things that have been going on:

1. My mom had to get her third knee replacement on 4/9. She's a pro by now but it was still scary. She had her right knee replaced when i was a soph in high school. that one failed when i was a soph in college and she had to have the right one replaced again. I might have mentioned before that my mom also has a slipped vertabrae in her back, which she also needs to get surgery on. However, the doctors refuse to do the back surgery until she got her left knee replaced. I guess it was bad enough that they don't think she'd be able to fully rehab her back with a bum knee. makes sense i guess. So now she's out on disability, and pretty much confined to our little house with just my dad. This means she is going crazy. And guess what? as soon as she's 100%, she's going right back in for the back surgery. YAY!

2. My brother and his girlfriend moved out of my parents house into a small one bedroom apartment in Bethalto, Illinois. My brother's been talking about it for a while but he finally did it. He wants to be a commercial pilot and found a great school out there that will get him everything he needs. I hate the fact that he is almost 20 hours from home but I am incredibly proud of him for knowing what he wants to do and actually going out there to do it. I can't lie and say i don't miss him every single day though.

3. I turned 23. Every single year i say: WOW this was the best birthday EVER. and every single year i'm right. they are constantly outdoing the year before. ridiculous. my very best friends from home drove up to stay with me for my birthday weekend. Liz from Maryland, Tom from Philly, Nicole flew in from Ohio, etc. We went out Friday night with Lila, Katie and Frankie to celebrate. Then saturday morning, Liz, myself and our friend JeanMarie went to get tattoos. It's something liz and I have been discussing for YEARS. literally since high school. and it was finally time to do it. I got a celtic knot shamrock on the inside of my left ankle and i absolutely love it. the place we went was awesome thanks to advice from a few coworkers. After our tattoos, we met up with some of my friends from work at a pub crawl in Morristown. After that, we drove back to Clifton, had dinner and got ready to go out in the city. I am so grateful to everyone who showed up. It was such a nice mix of people (friends from home, friends from SHU and friends from work) - i literally had the best birthday ever.

4. I've lost 17 pounds. my work started the Coyne Fitness Challenge on March 10. Since then, I've joined ballys and have been pretty diligent about going 3 or 4 times a week. I had started going after work but after a while I was tired of getting home at 9 and still having to eat/relax. Instead, I've been getting up at 6 and going into the gym. Then I get ready for work there and head in and am still here by 9. Not gonna lie, i have a ton more energy as well. Overall, it's going great. Not to mention, if my Fitness team wins, we get a half day off of work and a half day at a spa on Coyne! can't beat that!

5. I'm going to the Dominican Republic on May 14th and I could not be more excited. Lila found us a great deal that we couldn't pass up so I am looking forward to a week of craziness with Lila, Katie and Shamira.

I think that pretty much sums up the major happenings since March 2nd. I need jump back on the blogging bandwagon. I'll work on it.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Hidden iPod Function

so this is basically just me rambling but this past Friday I drove from Parsippany to Westminster, Maryland. A trip that took me about 5 hours when all was said and done.

The only time I really use my iPod is in my car, and more times than not, I listen to it on shuffle. With over 2800 songs, it's hard for me to choose just one so I just listen to it like that. That being said, as I'm going through the shuffle, sometimes a song comes on and makes me want to listen to another song by that artist. It's annoying because then i have to go out of the shuffle thing and find that artist/song/album whatever.

So on Friday, this was happening and I was getting annoyed so I went to turn off my iPod by holding down the down button. Turns out I was holding down the center button and guess what pops up????? a little list that lets you search all songs or albums by that artist.

It's like apple read my mind. I know i sound like a huge dork right now, but it's the little things that make me happy I guess. haha. I figured I would share incase anyone else has been wishing for this function. haha.

Friday, February 27, 2009

funny thing...

So for the most part I've been under the wise assumption that no one reads this blog. But now I know that while there may not be many of you, there at least a few people who do. Case in point: Throughout the past week, while hanging out with people, I've mentioned something along the lines of - "hey guess what? we ordered couches!!!" and numerous people have been like "i saw that on your blog!! that's great!"

so with that being said - comment once in a while so I know you're out there!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

drumroll please...

...we have finally ORDERED COUCHES!!!!!

I know that might not be that exciting for the majority of you but after living here since JULY - about SEVEN months - I'd say they're long overdue. However, Annie's parents offered to buy them for us, so for that I am VERY grateful. They will be delivered in about 1-2 weeks!

She ordered the full size sofa and two chairs - aren't they pretty?

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Statue of Liberty

I was so grateful to have off this past Monday for President's Day, especially since I hadn't been feeling so great on Sunday. Denna decided she wanted to bring the kids up to visit and came up with the idea of going to the Statue of Liberty. I still wasn't feeling 100% but I wasn't about to pass up a day out with those kids. They picked me up and we were on our way. Their older brother Nick even came with them too (he's 20) and goes to Rutgers. Luke, the baby (ok not baby, he's 3) sat on my lap on the ride back to my apartment and before we knew it he was passed out. As I sat there with him sleeping in my arms, I just kind of took in everything and realized how lucky I am to have this family in my life. Here are some pictures from our trip to the Statue of Liberty.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Words of Wisdom

If you don't feel well you probably shouldn't attend an open bar.

I woke up on Sunday and could hardly breathe or talk. The worst part was that i wasn't sure what was from being hungover and what was from this sickness i know i have. I bought some medicine, came home, showered, and literally laid in my bed all day yesterday. Once Annie got back I realized I would really like some sherbet so she drove me to Stop and Shop to get some. I really shouldn't have left the house looking like i did but at that point I really didn't care. I took some nighttime medicine at like 9pm and was passed out shortly after. Today I feel a bit better and i'm so grateful that we have today off because I'm pretty sure I'd have called in sick if it wasn't a national holiday.

Sidenote: Happy 23rd Birthday to one of my best friends in this world, Phil Green (even though I'd be very surprised if he ever read this)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Valentine's Day Memory

So yesterday was Valentine's Day and I couldn't help but think of what I was doing on this day last year. Valentine's Day was on a Thursday last year, and I volunteered at St. John's Soup Kitchen every thursday. Liz goes to school in Maryland and a few of her friends are obsessed with Ingrid Michaelson. She was going to be on Good Morning America so Liz and her friends left Maryland at like 1am to drive to NYC. Since it was Valentine's Day and she was newly single we realized that I should take the train in to the city to meet up with them. This all happened on Wednesday night at about 11pm. So I called out of the Soup Kitchen and took the 5am train from South Orange into NY Penn, met up with Liz and her friends, RAN to GMA, was on tv, and was back in south orange by 11am while Liz and her friends were halfway back to Maryland.

It was the most random but best Valentine's Day ever. Because all you really need is your best friend when it comes down to it.

Friday, February 6, 2009

F my life.

Not really, but this is just another new obsession of mine. There's a website ( and it is HILARIOUS. I could literally read it for hours. Check it out. laugh. post. feel better about your bad day.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Weird Coincidence

I distinctly remember Valentines Day 2007. It was a Wednesday and I had JUST started interning at Coyne. I had only been there about two weeks when a HUGE snowstorm hit. Seton Hall canceled classes but I still went into work. At about 11 or 12, Tom Coyne made an announcement that we could all go home. My roommates and I were all newly single (and bitter about the awful holiday) so I was excited to drive back to school and spend the rest of the day with them. Like I said, I was very new and the commute was still very new. It was snowing BAD and as I got onto Route 80, I was going about 25 miles an hour and could see hardly anything. Somehow, I missed the exit for 280 and continued on 80. It felt like it took FOREVER to get to the next exit, but finally it came. It was the exit for Route 46. I took the exit and pulled into the Wendy's that was right there as I merged onto 46. I remember walking into the Wendy's in my dressy shoes (this was back in the day when I got dressed up for work and CLEARLY before my GPS days..) and I asked the Wendy's guy how to get back to 280. He looked at me like I was an idiot and told me to turn around and get back on 80. I did that, and before I knew it, I recognized where I was. AT WORK. there are no signs to get onto 280 going West so I literally went back to work and turned around. About 2 hours after I had originally left Coyne, I made it back to South Orange. I decided to stop at Burger King and buy lunch for all my roommates, knowing full well that it was snowy and gross and on top of that it was the dreaded Valentine's day.

Now, it's two years later, I'm almost 23, and I've been through a lot of Valentine's days. But that one, in 2007, is still one of my favorites. My roommates were so excited and a day watching funny, UNsappy movies while there was a blizzzard outside was exactly what we all needed.

On a side note, I now pass that Wendy's every day to and from work. I thought I was so lost on that day, in some random town, and now i LIVE here. What a coincidence.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

New obsession(s)

I have become obsessed with this web site: It has almost anything you could ever want. I've been looking for something to hang up in my pretty much bare room. I have a black and white comforter with pink sheets and need something to perk up the room. I found this poster:

I'm not sure if i'll get this color, but it comes in every color. I've decided that i should start to live my life by this motto. It is one out of a series of posters commissioned to be displayed throughout Britain upon the outbreak of World War II.The intention of the poster was to relay a message from King George VI to his subjects, reassuring them that all possible measures were being taken to ensure the defense of the country.

..but obviously it fits well for other situations as well. and if nothing else i feel like if i look at it when i'm having a bad day it will help me remember that things could always be worse.

This website also has some funky jewelry that i want:

Those rings are customizable, they also have a bracelet too! Not too expensive either. Just thought I'd share. =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's just another f@%$ing day, but happy 50th anyway!

my amazing father turned 50 on january 23rd. My family and I have been planning a surprise party for him since about..september. It finally all went down this weekend. We had about 75 people show up, including my best friend from childhood, Adrian - who flew in from nebraska JUST for this party. we had family members, coworkers, and friends of everyone. there were people there that we hadn't seen in YEARS too. liz came up from maryland and we had many many family friends chip in with food, decorations and set up. i made a whole collage of pictures and we had a cake that was perfect for my dad - it had a picture of him in his kanye west glasses and his well-known saying "it's just another f@$%ing day, but happy 50th anyway".

it was at my godson's father's gun club and i couldn't have asked for anything to go better. I have never seen my dad cry OR drink as much as he did on saturday. i admit, i was nervous as to how he'd respond to the surprise but he cried and hugged my brother and i as he opened the door. throughout the party, whenever i came near him, he would grab my beer and drink the whole thing. I didn't think anything of that - it was his birthday, why not? UNTIL later that night when EVERYONE was saying the same thing - hence why he couldn't feel his feet at the end of the night and literally had to be helped to the car. it was by far one of the best parties i've ever been to, let alone thrown, and it's definitely a day i'll never forget. here are a few of my favorite pictures from the night (visit my facebook for two whole albums of pictures!)

Monday, January 19, 2009


This past Thursday night, I met up with Annie and some of her friends at the Shannon Rose. This was my first encounter with "micahwave" aka the prankster from Annie's office. He tried to fool me before I was even introduced to him - telling me his name was something ridiculous.

Of course, we had to take a picture together.

I was even nice enough to bring some half eaten cupcakes (courtesy of Mike Petite, even if they are "3 weeks old")...

It was a pleasure meeting you, Mernst, but I'll have you know your "friends" were helping me plot my revenge as soon as you left.


Monday, January 12, 2009

moms just know.

i noticed today something that happens without fail in my life.

i call my parents on my ride home from work every day. i don't get to see them as much as i'd like since i've moved up to clifton, so i have to settle for phone calls. today wasn't one of my best days (it was a monday, afterall..) and I called home like i always do. I asked how my mom was doing and she replied with "what's wrong????" how do moms know? i didn't drop any hints, i didn't sniffle, i didn't give her anything. i had no intention of calling home and complaining but that's exactly what i did. I only hope that I have the type of relationship with my daughter (that is if I ever grow up).

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Good News

So just before Christmas my mom was in and out of the hospital with stomach and back pains that pretty much no one could explain. They gave her a TON of pain meds and sent her home. Later that week, she had an appointment with an orthopedic doctor who finally told her that she has a slipped vertabrae and would need surgery. However, she couldn't get an appointment with the surgeon until January 7th (today). Up until now she's been in and out of different doctors to get a back brace, more medications, etc. They all basically told her the same thing: her vertebrae is so far slipped that her spinal cord is in danger of being ruptured, in which case she could become a paraplegic in the blink of an eye. Her surgery would fuse the vertebrae on top and the vertebrae on bottom would be fused together with the slipped one after it was pushed back in. Needless to say we were all very nervous throughout the holidays and we're pretty relieved that she would finally be meeting with the surgeon today to schedule the surgery. This morning when she called me on her way home from the surgeon's office, I picked up and all she said was "I don't need surgery."

Now, while that is great news - we're a little confused and surprised and not sure what to think. How could one doctor tell us that surgery is a must and this doctor tell us she can be healed with therapy? Apparently, from what I understand, the vertebrae that is slipped is so far down her spine that the spinal cord isn't actually intertwined in the vertebrae so its not at serious as they originally thought. Now, this still confuses me, because isn't your spinal cord long? But whatever. I'm just excited that my mom is safe and that we don't have to sit through another surgery with her (she's already had two knee replacements - on the same knee!) Not to mention that this definitely frees her up for a certain surprise party that's in the works...

Monday, January 5, 2009

New Year

It seems as though mostly everyone has fallen off the blog bandwagon during this holiday season, and I have to admit that I have as well. A lot has happened since my last update. I’ll try to recap in as little words as possible:

-Christmas: it was great. I worked on the 23rd and then headed to my parents house for about a week and a half. I didn’t have to be back in work until Jan 2nd so that was a plus. My top gifts included a black ipod classic, a Bluetooth headset, new ugg boots, an automatic car starter from my brother, a zebra purse from annie, an adorable notepad with a picture and quote of us on it from liz and a ring/bracelet set from my grandma.

-New Years: Also great (from what I can remember). My friends and I went to a bar called Bourbon Blue in Manayunk for New Years Eve. It was $80 for a top shelf open bar from 9-1, which included a complimentary coat check and champagne toast, a dinner buffet and a $20 gift card to go back to the restaurant/bar in the future. I have to say that the place was really nice and it was good for my friends and I to be able to get dressed up and look very nice. The Bacardi and cokes did me in though, and at one point I took off my heels and must’ve stepped on a broken glass (considering my parents dug glass out of my foot for a good hour the next day…)

-Friends: With 2008 ending and a whole new year upon us, I realized how important it is to realize who your real friends are. I feel like I’ve finally stumbled upon a very nice mix of people who I find myself extremely comfortable around. I have a whole list of resolutions but the most important is that I am no longer going to tip toe around friends. If I don’t feel comfortable around them then they clearly aren’t a good friends. So far it’s been working out great.