Thursday, June 24, 2010

Am I a Hallmarker?

...I sure hope so.

I've always had a thing for greeting cards. Ask my first boyfriend - I think I gave him close to 100 cards in the almost four years we dated. I'm good with the tearjerkers (especially with my mom) and I just have an overall love for cards.

I recently realized I say the phrase, "I need to do that before I die..." about 10 times a week, no exaggeration. I realized that maybe it was time to start writing these things down. Call it a bucket list (although some people prefer the title 'list of really cool things i want to do') or whatever you want, but I started writing mine out. I'm up to about 50 but the first one I wrote down was "Have a card published by Hallmark."

I've always wanted this and any of my close friends know this. It wasn't until last week when I stumbled upon a little website called when I realized I might have a serious shot at this.

On that site, they host different contests throughout the year (almost every month there is a different topic that you can submit a card for) and then they choose a selection of cards to be sold on their website. if your card is chosen, you get $250! From there, they narrow it down even more and choose another select group of cards to actually physically be sold in the store.

Needless to say, I HAVE to submit. Entries for the current contest opened on June 7th and the deadline is June 28th (next Monday). Since I found out about it so late in the game, I have been cramming to try to come up with some card ideas that are good enough to submit. I have a few ideas that I'm really excited about and will officially be submitting my first card(s) to Hallmark this evening!!!

I'm just grateful that Hallmark has these contests that give people like me (who don't want to up and move to Kansas City, MO to be close to the Hallmark HQ) a shot at actually crossing one of the biggest things off of my 'bucket list.'

I've already warned a few people that if my card is chosen (whether it be online AND in-store or just simply online) I'm pretty positive I'm going to cry like a baby. Well, cry like a baby and buy hundreds of my card.

Even if I don't get chosen, I'm still very excited about the opportunity. and if nothing else, at least these contests will help me gain some experience and build up a little collection for myself.

Wish me luck!

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