Thursday, December 11, 2008

Verizon Fios hates us.

Annie was away last week in Disney, when she got back she realized that her tv box wasn’t working. However, the boxes in my room and in the living room were working fine. She decided to call Verizon to see if someone could come out to fix it. They came out last night – we were hoping they would get there and be gone by 7:10 because we wanted to go see Four Christmases. 7:10 came and went. Then around 7:30 he shows up (hardly enough time for him to fix the problem and us make the 8:10 movie but that’s besides the point). The next movie wasn’t until 9:45 so we had some time to kill since our little friend was taking forever. We decided to turn on Intervention on A&E (we may or may not have a small obsession with it…) and our friend (let’s call him Carlos) decided he was finally finished. He came downstairs and plopped his but down and started watching Intervention with us! For at least a good 10 minutes! It was absurd and hilarious all at once. Finally he decides to leave. About 20 mins later, Annie and I are pulling out of our driveway en route to the movie and there he was, SITTING IN HIS VAN OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE.


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