Wednesday, September 23, 2009

why do trainers cost so much?

You know, some gyms even provide trainers for FREE. I mean, their memberships probably cost much more than the $30 per month I pay, but still. I was lucky enough to get a personal trainer package for $249 for 10 sessions. Which, if you know anything about personal training, is an INCREDIBLE deal. So naturally, I was very pleased with this and took him up on it. Now originally, I was training with this one guy, we'll call him J. I went through 3 of my 10 sessions with him before he texted me one night and cancelled for the next morning's session. This happened for 3 mornings in a row, until he finally told me that he had been let go by the gym. Ok, no big deal. Whatever I just kept training on my own even though I still had 7 sessions left. Then one morning while I was working out by myself, a different trainer, we'll call him A, asked me if I was interested in personal training blah blah spiel spiel. I told him how I still had 7 sessions left (probably much to his dismay since I wasn't actually going to be making him any money) and from then on we decided to train together. Fast forward to this past Tuesday morning, which just so happened to be the last of my 10 sessions. Naturally, A tried to convince me to purchase another package. Now, being the normal 23-year-old that I am, I’m not afraid to say that I’m pretty broke. I make good money but I also spend good money. I’m not afraid to buy a new dress, a new book, or a couple (many) beers on the weekends (or during the week for that matter). That being said, I was thinking about possibly spending another $250 on a 10-session package. I told him that I could probably swing $250 for another and then A goes, “oh…uh…that’s only the price for introductory packages. Your new package would cost…” and he holds out his phone, where he had typed the new price (probably because he would have had a HEART ATTACK if he had to actually say this dollar amount). I sit up and check out his phone: $1104!!!!!!!!!!!

…uh, are you kidding???! I obviously went on and told him that I can’t even fathom affording that. A, being the douche bag he is, went on to say “well you don’t have the money but you sure do have the weight to lose (really, you think?). Maybe you should consider getting a second job.”

Ummmm...maybe you should get a second job because hey guess what? I’m not getting a second job to support your life. Also – when exactly would I get a second job? Like I mentioned before, I’m a big fan of fun weekends so I’m obvi not getting rid of that. He suggested a “night job.” I’m still not sure if he was implying I become a prostitute or what, but I told him if I got a “night job” there would be no need for a personal trainer because hey, guess what? I wouldn’t HAVE TIME TO EAT so I’d naturally lose weight from becoming an anorexic.

Thanks asshole.

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