Monday, August 10, 2009

luckiest ever.

so i've said many times before that i am one of the luckiest people i know. today is a testament to that.

so you may have read how my camera stopped working this past weekend. as i said, it was a sad, sad day. last night, i updated my facebook status to say: "mourning the death of my camera. who wants to contribute to my next one? i'd love you forever." clearing being my sarcastic self and trying to have some humor in this sad situation.

on a sidenote: i am 23 years old have been friends with adrian for 23 years. we grew up as next door neighbors and were pretty much inseparable since then. a few years back she moved to omaha nebraska and obviously we haven't gotten to see each other nearly as much as we wanted. we rely heavily on facebook and texting to stay as close as we have.

so anyway. last night adrian commented on my facebook status and asked what kind of camera i had and if i was looking at getting a new one. i told her pretty everything that i wrote in my earlier post, and that was that. she said she had something to send me, that might help me make a decision. i assumed it was a book or something like that. then today i get a text from her telling me "DO NOT BUY A CAMERA i bought one for you!"

....are you joking? i was at work, sat there in shock, and didn't know what to write. so obviously my first response was, "are you out of your mind????!" she admitted that while she might be, she did indeed buy me the exact camera i wanted (the yellow/green olympus styulus tough 6000) and it will be arriving at my apartment this thursday or friday. after fighting back and forth with her about whether or not i would accept this gift, i think it's safe to say that i lost that battle.

SO. this leads me back to my belief that i am the luckiest person i know. and i'm not just talking about my great luck in getting this camera as a gift. i'm talking about the people i've chosen to surround myself with. this is really a testament to them and how great they are.

i asked adrian if there was something she wants as much as i wanted that camera, because i clearly owe her. her response struck me, and i think it's something everyone can/should learn from. she said, "i don't want anything. i am more than happy with the things that i have. that's why i wanted you to have something! my life is simple and happy =)" i think everyone should live their life so that this is true.

thank you adrian! you are simply amazing. i owe you big time. i am already scheming for many christmas and birthday presents to come. thank you for being the constant definition of a best friend in all of my 23 years.


dzignjulz said...

That is so awesome, what a great friend!!!

Adrian said...

I'm basically at work crying like a baby. Love you. Can't wait to come home and see you!!!!!!!!