Sunday, October 19, 2008

Homebody at heart.

Let me just start out by saying that I had NO intentions of ever moving to north jersey. yes, i chose to go to school up here, but I was very adamant about moving back home after graduation.

Every time I go home for a weekend, I find myself wondering why I ever left. I have everything I could ever want there. I have friends that are like family, not to mention a pretty amazing biological family. I have my dogs, my kids, everything. It's just home. And while I've lived in Clifton for almost four months now, South Jersey will always be home. And when I start the trek from Exit 4 on the Turnpike to Exit 16W, I literally cry every single time for a good five minutes. Every time. Without fail.

I cry and cry until I realize everything that I'm going back to. While Atco/South Jersey is full of memory after memory, Clifton/North Jersey is full of potential memory to come after potential memory to come. I might not have my family up here, but I do have plenty of other things. First and foremost, I have an unbelievable job, which is the sole reason I moved up here in the first place. I have an amazing roommate and crazy fun friends who are slowly but surely making me love the weekends I spend up here as much as I love the ones I spend in South Jersey.

I'm still trying to find out how I got this lucky. It's just crazy to me because I still feel like the 18 year old girl who just wants to have fun. Yet here I am living on my own like a grown up. When did this happen??


Lost in the Supermarket said...

It's called good karma.

JAG said...

You can come and visit me anytime at my home to get your mind off of not being "home". Plus you would get to play with Ryan.