Thursday, October 9, 2008

superstitious fool.

I'm still trying to decide if this is a good or bad thing, but I'm pretty positive that I'm the most superstitious person I know.

In May 2005, at the end of my freshman year at Seton Hall, Nicole and I drove to Elmira, NY to visit Liz at school. Liz's school ran on trimesters or something different that made her stay at school for a few weeks after everyone else. The first or second weekend in May is called "May Days" and that happened to be going on when we were up there. There were crazy games and things like that for us to do. I can't even remember what game we played but one of the things we won were these cheesy, sliding knot friendship bracelets, circa 1995. We each took one and I distinctly remember grabbing one for Tom (my boyfriend at the time) too. I must've thought that we'd all actually wear our friendship bracelets and live in one big happy world.

When Nicole and I got home from that weekend, I remember showing Tom his (red and white) friendship bracelet and being so excited that we would all have these matching bracelets (looking back, I sound like such a nerd). Tom refused to wear his so I put his in my car, around my gear shifter, figuring I'd get rid of it sooner or later. I never really saw Liz or Nicole wear theirs either but for some reason I put my black and white sliding knot friendship bracelet around my left ankle. I figured I'd be much more likely to leave it there for a while as opposed to my wrist.

And I was right. The bracelet turned anklet stayed on my left ankle all through that summer. and my sophomore year of college. and junior. and senior. you get the point.

Today, I was at work doing normal work things, actually getting ready to go home for the night. I had an itch around my left ankle so I reached down to itch it. I assume you'll understand my horror when my black and white sliding knot friendship bracelet literally disintegrated before my eyes. I tried to revive the poor thing but it's gone. It's too short to just retie around my ankle (I tried).

However, being the ridiculously superstitious person I am, (and having already lost a very important necklace earlier this week) I really, really, really didn't want to throw the raggedy, 3 and a half year old bracelet away. I just couldn't do it. I know some weird part of me would feel as if I were 'jinxing' myself or my friendships, even though NONE of my friends have worn theirs nearly as long, if at all. I was trying to think of what to do with it when I came up with the perfect place for the very short broken bracelet. I left the office, walked to my car, and tied the ratty piece of bracelet around my gear shifter. Right above the pretty, 3 and a half year old red and white one - where they can stay together for a very long time. =)

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