Wednesday, October 22, 2008

room update.

Since I know so many of you were waiting on the edge of your seat to find out what ever happened with the whole room situation with my brother at my parents house (ok so no one cares, but whatever, it gives me something to write about..)

As you may or may not know, I went home to south jersey this weekend. After spending a couple hours over the Goehringers (yes, i went to visit the kids before I even went home - and called my family to meet me over there) I finally got home to see my "new" bedroom around 7p. I walked upstairs and...dun dun dun..I didn't even scream! Believe it or not, my mom and Denna (my godson's mom) fit my lovely lovely queen sized bed into my "new" mini room.

This new layout/room/everything made me realize some things:
  • A queen sized bed is HUGE, especially went it takes up most of your bedroom.
  • I have kept A LOT of useless shit throughout the years that will soon be thrown out in upcoming trips home. In my big bedroom, it didn't really matter because I had a TON of room. But trying to fit a bunch of useless crap into a small room is not working well.
  • My mom and denna love me very much because they knew how upset I was about the possibility of having to sleep on my brothers dirty, small, twin sized bed (because lets be serious...God only knows what that thing is contaminated with...)
And now...time to go watch the rest of game 1 of the World Series - Go Phillies! (Yes, I know I'm "from" North Jersey but I'm a South Jersey girl at heart, remember? Therefore, I'm clearly a Philly fan for life).

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