Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Something very tragic happened to me this past week.

I have a necklace that I've worn practically every day for the past four years. It's a diamond heart necklace and my ex-boyfriend gave it to me for Christmas. I know a lot of people get rid of all jewelry from exes but for some reason I kept it. Perhaps because it was very nice but probably because my ex and I are still very close. While I highly doubt we will ever get back together, it's safe to say that we are absolutely still best friends - even after everything we've been through.

Last Wednesday, I went to Target to look for a necklace to match a certain outfit I have (looking back, a diamond heart matches anything). I had the necklace on but took it off so I could try on a bunch of different ones. I distinctly remember putting it in my pocket, NOT even finding a necklace at Target, and coming home. I completely forgot about the necklace until SUNDAY morning when I woke up and realized my neck felt naked. I literally tore through my room looking for it. Then I realized that I had just done ALL of my laundry on Saturday. I'd bet money that my beautiful necklace is lost in the abyss of my washing machine.

So, for that, I dedicate this post to my lovely heart necklace. May you Rest In Peace. (or turn up very soon...)

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