Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I love Jake.

As I've mentioned before, Jake is my godson. My parents were having dinner over the Goehringer's house and my mom called me because she had a story she HAD to tell me. The story was a conversation between her and Jake. Here's how it went down:

My Mom: Jacob, what am I going to even get you for Christmas?? You guys have every toy out there!
Jake: I KNOW! Buy me a shark. I really like sharks.
My Mom: But where would you put it?
Jake: In the pool!

Then Jake ran off to play with Luke and Madison. About 5 minutes later he rushed back to my mom and goes:

Jake: MAURA! We can't put the shark in the pool!
Mom: Why not?!
Jake: Don't you remember that Shana loves to swim in our pool? Don't worry though. I have a great idea! Cisco (my dad) and me will dig a hole to make a lake for the shark - so still buy it for me.

I seriously love that little boy.

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